Makaita’s Masimba Shalitas barnebarn
Født/born: 30.mars 2019

  • HD: A / A (free)
  • AD/ED: 0/0 (free)
  • DM: N/N none-carrier
  • Teeth: fullt saksebitt (Full scissor bite, full dentation)
  • Height: 66,5 cm Weight: 35 kg
  • Correct ridge
  • EOAD/JME : clear (non-carrier) by parentage
  • Blue Dilute: D/D (normal) by parentage
  • B-lokus: not tested
  • Ridge gene: not tested

Mentality : Masimba is an easy going, very handle-friendly boy. He goes along with dogs of both gender, cats, humans and our tortoise. He is very obedient, fit and trainable. Because of Covid-19 he has not been undergone any mentally tests yet.


Masimba got sick with diarrhea and vomiting September 2020. Because he, as a puppy reacted to thistles, and needed antihistamines to get rid of rashes, he was set on sensitive food low on proteins by a veterinarian, while vet feared allergies. (Co-owner is first time dog owner, and followed vet’s advice)

Since he got the whole story, in January 2021, he has been eating regular Royal Canin adult kibblets with no bad response. He is no longer on allergy/sensitivity kibblets, and we think the diarrhea was caused by for instance digesting something on walks. But we will only be guessing..


Masimba has only attended one puppy show where he became Best puppy and BIG3. Pictures further down.

Masimba 22 months, January 2021